About us

About us

Profile of Cherry Plastic Enterprise

Founded in April 1996, Golden Triangle Plastic started its humble operation with only 40 staffs. Today, the company employs over 300 staffs and has since grown its businesses from a production output of 500 tons per month to 800 tons now. As part of its expansion, the company has undergone many changes and finally, after overcoming all challenges, Cherry Plastic Company Limited is established in year 2014. The main purpose is to consolidate all its resources and to spearhead its expansion plan.

With growing market demands, the company has already taken steps to increase its production capacity.   The company has since imported the latest technologies from Taiwan to improve its operations. With the new improved machines from Taiwan and a highly committed management team, the company is now targeting to produce 1,000 tons per month within the next 3 years.

Currently, the company has increased its production to include :

  • Fashion Shopping Bags and One Stop Printing Service
  • Garbage Bag, Disposable Gloves and Plastic Sheets
  • Tissue Bags and Zip Bags
  • Packaging for Industrial & Agriculture Usage

Despite the extensive achievements over the years, the company will not rest on its laurels but will continue to strive for excellence and will ensure a safe work environment where employees can freely express their professional opinions, beliefs and ideas.


  • To provide the outstanding plastic packaging products in Myanmar.


  • To provide the best service for highest quality bags which can be easily packed and other variety of things and we make sure that our customers are satisfied with us.